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Hydrogel Machine

Is an innovative solution designed to precisely apply protective hydrogel films to the surface of mobile phones, ensuring protection against scratches and damage without compromising touch functionality.

Advanced Technology

Precise cut for a perfect fit on any phone

Wide Compatibility

Compatible with a wide variety of cell phone sizes and brands.

Intuitive Operation

Easy-to-use interface for rapid hydrogel applications with minimal training.

Durability and Efficiency

High quality hydrogel: scratch resistant and self-healing.

You can customize your hydrogel sheet to your taste and preference

Benefits for Companies.

Operating efficiency

Current screen protector manufacturing processes are often labor-intensive and prone to errors, leading to increased production costs and excess stock.

Agility in your company

Tmax Technology recognized the need for a more efficient, precise, and adaptable solution to address these challenges.

Advantages you have in of Hydrogel Screen Protectors.

At TMAX we are known for providing our services and selling our products with the following advantages:

More people trust us and our hydrogel machines

More than 30 cities in the United States


Flexible protection that hugs every curve better than glass

Maximum flexibility with superior coverage and fit than glass

Its self-healing ability repairs scratches, ensuring a smooth surface over time.

Absorbs shocks better than glass, reducing the risk of damage to cell phone screens

Secure shopping

Secure purchase, our site is fully protected against scams & fraudulent sales.


Hydrogel Machine Totally Free for Your Company!.

Unique Opportunity! Equip your business with our hydrogel machine at no cost. This exclusive offer is designed for committed partners looking for the best in device protection.

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